Christian benedict, PI

My research focuses on the crosstalk between the brain and peripheral pathways involved in body weight regulation and nutrient metabolism, and how this crosstalk is affected by lifestyle changes (e.g. sleep loss). For example, my lab at Uppsala University has uncovered several mechanisms through which sleep loss may drive the development of metabolic disorders, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. To increase public awareness of the importance of sleep for mental and physical health, I have written a popular-scientific book. I was also involved in organizing the 2019 annual meeting of the Swedish Society of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine, and so am I now regarding the organization of the Keystone Symposium on “Sleep and Circadian Rhythms – Maintaining the Tempo for Optimal Health”. 

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Department of Neuroscience
BMC, Box 593
751 24 UPPSALA



Tel: +4618-471 4326

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