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Elisa de Mello e Souza Meth, Phd student

I worked in the Benedict Lab in 2018 as an undergraduate exchange student for 6 months and in 2020 as a research assistant. As of January 2021, I am a Ph.D.student. My studies were at Universidade Federal Fluminense, in Brazil, where I graduated as a licensed pharmacist. My studies and research in Brazil were in parasitology.  My doctoral studies in neuroscience have focused on the study of the effects of non-pharmacological interventions on sleep, including research on the effect of weighted blankets on hormone secretion, sleep quality and memory consolidation, as well as whether the effects of night shift work on neurobehavioral and brain health vary across the menstrual cycle.  Throughout my training, I have used various experimental research techniques such as gold-standard polysomnography, eye-tracking and metabolic measurements.  My interests also include how sleep, the menstrual cycle, pharmaceuticals and food affect the human microbiome.

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