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Sleep in the Age of Enlightenment - New paper in JSR

Exciting! Our newly published scientific article "Bed and Rise Times during the Age of Enlightenment: A Case Report" in the Journal of Sleep Research has been featured by the Swedish Uppsala Nya Tidning and the Dutch NRC Handelsblad !

In our paper we discuss findings from the Swedish geophysicist Olof Hiorter, who collected data between December 1746 and November 1747. Our data revealed that Hiorter's rise times occurred around 1 hr before sunrise in winter versus 1 hr after sunrise in summer. No such association was observed between the time of sunset and Hiorter's bedtimes. We also found that the time in bed was about 3.5–4 hr shorter in summer compared to winter.

This change in wake-sleep behavior, influenced by the seasons, is incredibly intriguing, and we are very excited to share these findings with such a wide audience!

Full article:

The Celcius Observatory in the 1760’s, which is preserved in Svartbäcksgatan in Uppsala. Image from: ”A description of Upsala” by J.B. Busser (1769)

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